Got .NET? Parse Now Supports .NET 4.5

Parse .NET SDK

Whether you’re building a web application using ASP.NET or a rich client application for using WPF, .NET offers a powerful platform to build upon.  Today, we’re excited to introduce support for .NET 4.5 from our Windows SDK, making it easy to target a wide range of platforms including Windows 7 and Windows Server.

As always, we’re committed to providing a great development experience tailored to the platforms we support, so we’ve made sure to support modern .NET features such as LINQ and async/await:

// Build a query
var query = from post in ParseObject.GetQuery("Post")
            where post["author"] == ParseUser.CurrentUser
            orderby post.CreatedAt descending
            select post;

// Retrieve the results
IEnumerable<ParseObject> postsByUser = await query.FindAsync();

Now you have all the power of Parse at your fingertips when building .NET-based applications, allowing you to avoid maintaining a database for yourself and granting you easy access to powerful features such as file storage, user management, role-based access controls, Facebook authentication, rich queries, and Cloud Code.

You can quickly add the Parse SDK to your applications today using NuGet in Visual Studio. Take a look at our Windows Guide and Windows Quickstart to start using Parse today!

David Poll
January 23, 2013
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