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Android Push Notifications

Push notifications are great. They keep users engaged with your app. They provide real-time interaction. They enable cool social features like chat.

Push notifications can also be incredibly annoying. If you want your app to work seamlessly across iPhone and Android, you have to build two separate systems. They can be complicated to set up. And of course, if you don't have a server set up already, you'll have to deal with deployment, maintenance, and just writing all that server code.

At Parse, we want to take all of that pain, solve it, and provide you with a nice, clean API that just works.

Today we're announcing our support for Android Push Notifications! Now a single API call can send push notifications seamlessly to both iPhone and Android clients.

If you're not in the private beta yet, please sign up here and we'll get you in as soon as we can.

What Push Notifications Can Do

We think we've built the absolute easiest way to get started with push notifications. If you can't start sending push notifications in literally one minute and thirty seconds, let us know because we're not doing our job right.

It's just one line of code to let a user subscribe to push notifications, and then you can send push notifications either from our web form or by a REST api call. Our system isn't dependent on C2DM, so it works on Android 1.5, 1.6, and 2.1, and doesn't require a user to have an active Google account. To get started, check out our Android Push Notifications Guide.

The Android push API supports the same granular features as our iOS api. With channels, you can control exactly which clients receive a push notification. You can also control whether a notification goes out to iOS users, Android users, or both, making it easy to target marketing messages or any platform-specific message.


We are champing at the bit to listen to your feedback. Don't be reluctant to send it in. Even the smallest typo, we want to fix it and make our product better. Let us know what you think.