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Anypic: A Photo Sharing App With Tutorial

Yesterday we unveiled the Parse App Gallery showcasing apps built on top of Parse. Today, we're adding one of our own apps to the list. Anypic is a photo sharing app for iOS and the web built entirely using Parse.

Anypic includes functionality such as logging in with Facebook, sending push notifications, storing photos using Parse's file storage, executing relational queries, and securing objects with ACLs. You can download Anypic from the App Store and start sharing pictures with your friends today!

We've shared the source code for Anypic and published a tutorial that shows you how to build it from scratch, joining Anywall in our list of sample apps. You can build your own version of Anypic by following the directions to create an app and add your keys to the Xcode project.

We hope that Anypic serves as a base for your own photo sharing apps, and that it inspires you to build many great apps on top of Parse.