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Create Amazing Cross-Platform Games with the New Parse Unity SDK

Unity provides some impressive tools for helping game developers build cross-platform games. Building engaging, connected games is a challenge that pays off by providing great experiences for your players. Let Parse provide your backend and stay focused on the things that make your game great!

Today, we're announcing the availability of our Unity SDK. If you've used any of our .NET-based SDKs (for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, .NET, or Xamarin), the SDK will be familiar to you. Regardless of your experience with these tools, getting started with Parse in your Unity game is easy. For example, saving an object to Parse takes just a few lines of code:

var gameHistory = new ParseObject("GameHistory");
gameHistory["player"] = ParseUser.CurrentUser;
gameHistory["finalScore"] = 1000;
gameHistory.SaveAsync().ContinueWith(t => {
  if (!t.IsFaulted) {
    // Game history was saved successfully!

Parse's powerful services will be at your fingertips when you integrate the Parse Unity SDK. In addition to object storage, you'll also be able to use Parse for file storage, rich querying, user management, role-based access controls, Facebook authentication, Cloud Code, and our newly-announced custom analytics.

You can learn more about Parse's Unity SDK by reading our guide, or use our quickstart to get up-and-running in no time. You'll need at least Unity 4.2, and our SDK supports development for desktop, web player, and mobile games. Try it now and start building great Unity games with Parse as your backend today!