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Easy Caching with Parse

Parse queries now have automatic support for caching results on disk. Check out the documentation for iOS and Android.

Caching makes it a lot easier to design fast applications. The goal of the API is to be simple, but enable a lot of use cases:

  • Load from the cache on startup so the user never sees a blank screen.
  • Load static data just one time when your app first runs.
  • Use the cache just as a safety net when there's no network access.
  • Toggle one switch to make the same code change caching behavior.

In a lot of cases, one line of code to enable Parse caching can replace a much larger chunk of code that uses Core Data or SQLite. Plus, there's the simplicity of representing your data in a single way whether it's stored on the device or in the cloud.

We want to make it as simple as possible to build great apps with Parse. We're always eager to hear your feedback!.