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Expanding Parse for IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting new platforms for app development, especially as more and more people interact with connected devices every day. But it also poses a host of challenges for developers, as they must wrestle with the complex task of maintaining a backend with a whole new set of constraints. Many IoT devices also need to be personalized and paired with a mobile companion app. At Parse, we strive to make this simpler.

At F8 this year, we announced Parse for IoT — an official new line of SDKs for connected devices, starting with an SDK targeted for the Arduino Yún microcontroller board. Today, we're glad to announce we're expanding that line with four new SDKs built with Atmel, Broadcom, Intel, and TI. Now, it's easier than ever to use Parse with even more types of hardware and a broader range of connected devices. You can build an app for Atmel's SAM D21 + WINC1500, TI's CC3200, Intel's Edison or Broadcom's WICED — and connect it to the Parse cloud in minutes, with just a few lines of code.

Bringing Parse to more IoT devices

We've been excited to see the creative and innovative things our developer community has built since we first launched Parse for IoT at F8. Already, hundreds of apps for connected devices have been created with the new SDKs. Our tools have been used to build exciting and diverse products like a farm-to-table growing system that lets farmers remotely control their equipment with an app (Freight Farms); a smart wireless HiFi system that syncs music, lighting and more (Musaic); and even a smart BBQ smoker that can sense when meat is perfectly done (Trignis). Here at Parse, we had fun building a connected car and a one-click order button. And we've heard that our SDKs are even being used as teaching tools in several college courses.

We can't wait to see what's next. That's why we we've worked with Atmel, Broadcom, Intel, and TI to create dedicated SDKs for their hardware, so even more developers can build connected devices with Parse. From a garage hacker's weekend project to a production-ready connected product, manufactured at scale — Parse can power them all.

Ready to get started? You can download the new SDKs and access QuickStart guides here.