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Goodbye, Web Servers. Hello, Parse Hosting!

Today we’re excited to announce the addition of Parse Hosting to our family of products.

Our goal at Parse is to help you build incredible apps without running your own servers. Often, even if you're building a mobile app using Parse, you need to create a website as well. We ran into this exact problem while developing our open source AnyPic app. When we had to maintain web servers just to host a few files for a website, we knew we could make things even simpler.

Starting today, developers can host static content like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS on Along with Cloud Code and the Parse JavaScript SDK, this lets you build rich web apps without any servers.

When you deploy Cloud Code, any content in your "public" directory is uploaded to Parse and becomes accessible at Anyone can choose a subdomain in their app settings, and Pro and Enterprise developers are also able to serve content from a custom domain name. It only takes two commands to create a website:

$ echo 'Hello World!' > public/index.html
$ parse deploy

Parse Hosting lets you develop a website without worrying about servers or scaling, whether you're designing a landing page or building a rich web app. Be sure to check out the hosting docs for more detailed instructions, and happy coding!