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Introducing App Email Settings

We added a new section to your app settings page called "Email Settings." These settings let you fine-tune the ways Parse may email customers on behalf of your app. We wanted to show you the new features in this setting:

Reply-to Email Addresses
Want to add a bit more personalization to your user experience? You can now configure the "reply-to" address that users are emailed from when they request a password reset or are asked to verify their email address.

Email Verification

Let's suppose you wrote the next big personal finance app. A feature which emails monthly finance statements to the user could be very useful, but is very dangerous if the user mistyped his or her email address. Now Parse can try to verify email addresses for you.

Email verification adds the emailVerified boolean value to your User objects. When a user is created with an email or the user's email is changed, emailVerified is set to false and the user is emailed a link. When the user clicks that link, emailVerified is set to true. Users which were created before email verification was on or which were created without an email will not have the emailVerified key.

Email verification makes it easy to reserve portions of your application for users who have verified email addresses:

- (void)giveCakeToUser:(PFUser *)user
if (![[user objectForKey:@"emailVerified"] boolValue]) {
// Refresh to make sure the user did not recently verify
[user refresh];
if (![[user objectForKey:@"emailVerified"] boolValue]) {
[self redirectWithMessage:@"You must verify your email address for cake"];
// This is a triumph.
[self warnUserAboutCakeAvailability];

Read more in our iOS, Android, or REST guides.

One More Thing...

Good news everyone! Our REST API now supports requesting password resets!

These new features help make the conversation between you and your users more fluid. As always, any feedback is welcome.