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Introducing Push Analytics: Improved Insight into Push Campaigns

With Parse users sending a half a billion push notifications per month, Parse has always been committed to making it as easy and flexible as possible to push to your users. Now, with Push Analytics, we provide even more insight into what happens after you click "Send." Following the launch of the Parse Push Console for advanced targeting and scheduling of notifications, Push Analytics provides our customers with even more powerful tools to execute brilliant push campaigns.

With our new SDKs (version 1.2 on Android and iOS), you'll be able to see - in realtime! - each time your application is launched. If the application was launched by a user tapping on a push notification, you'll be able to track that over time, as well. Take a look at the sample graph below, which illustrates the power of the available metrics when combined:


Existing push customers have already had access to the number of users targeted per push and graphs displaying an app's pushes over time. Based on their feedback, we've created these new tools that expose even more detailed information and statistics per push. The new analytics functionality is not only limited to push notifications; you can also monitor app opens from within the analytics dashboard even if your app isn't yet using Parse Push.

The SDKs provide hooks for your application to tell Parse to track an app open and pass along the necessary metadata to link it to a particular push notification, if applicable. Take a look at the Push Guide (for iOS or Android) for detailed directions.

For a hands-on look at the new Push Analytics experience, Matt's got a fresh new screencast for your enjoyment:

We hope you enjoy your new toys! We're committed to providing tools that give you a better look at what exactly your app is doing, and this is only the beginning.