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Introducing the Mandrill Cloud Module for Transactional Emails

Today we are proud to announce a partnership with MailChimp to bring the power of the Mandrill email API to Parse-powered applications with the Mandrill Cloud Module. The Mandrill Cloud Module makes it easy for Parse applications to access Mandrill’s transactional email API and enables reliable, transactional email sending from a Parse-powered app.

For developers whose apps require transactional messaging such as password resets, order confirmations, welcome messages, personalized product recommendations, and more, Mandrill’s email API provides a powerful, reliable way to customize, send, and track these messages.

Here’s a look at how the Mandrill Cloud Module works:

var mandrill = require("mandrill");

Parse.Cloud.define("myMandrillFunction", function(request, response) {
    message: {
      text: "Hello World!",
      subject: "Using Cloud Code and Mandrill is great!",
      from_email: "",
      from_name: "Cloud Code",
      to: [
          email: "",
          name: "Your Name"
    async: true
  }, {
    success: function(httpResponse) { response.success("Email sent!"); },
    error: function(httpResponse) { response.error("Uh oh, something went wrong"); }

To learn about this new Cloud Module, take a look at our documentation page.