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Introducing the Parse Windows 8 SDK

If you look outside your Windows in Redmond today, you'll see more than just Seattle's famous overcast skies--you'll see the Parse Cloud approaching. Parse is always on the bleeding edge of what's happening in the software development world, so alongside Microsoft's Windows 8 announcement today, we are proud to introduce our very own Parse Windows 8 SDK.

With Windows 8, Microsoft has transformed its operating system into a powerful and beautiful mobile platform. As a developer you are empowered to build rich apps for their platform, and Parse makes building connected apps easy.

If you're building your Windows 8 app using a .NET language like C# or Visual Basic, just install the Parse SDK using NuGet in Visual Studio, and you'll have access to all of the power of Parse objects, files, cloud code, user authentication and management, role-based data access control, and queries. You can even use LINQ to access your data:

// Build a query
var query = from post in ParseObject.GetQuery("Post")
            where post["author"] == ParseUser.CurrentUser
            orderby post.CreatedAt descending
            select post;

// Retrieve the results
IEnumerable<ParseObject> postsByUser = await query.FindAsync();</pre>
Or, if you're building an HTML and JavaScript Windows 8 application, you can use our <a href="">JavaScript SDK</a> to get up-and-running with Parse as your backend in minutes!
 <pre class="EnlighterJSRAW" data-enlighter-language="null">var query = new Parse.Query(BlogPost);
query.equalTo("author", Parse.User.current());

  success: function(postsByUser) {
    // The query succeeded
  error: function(result, error) {
    // The query failed

A number of Parse's engineers have a Microsoft pedigree, with experience building core pieces of the Windows and .NET developer experiences. We've put a great deal of care into making development with Parse for Windows 8 as seamless and straightforward as possible, and we can't wait for you to give it a try.
For more information, head over to our Windows Guide and Windows Quickstart or take a look at our sample app and start building your Windows 8 apps today!