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Keeping Tabs on Parse: The New Status Feed

We are humbled by all the apps that place their trust on our cloud platform, and we're aware that there may be times when our platform might not be performing at a satisfactory level. We are continuously monitoring the status of the Parse platform, and should there be any interruptions in service, we will be updating our new status feed in order to keep you informed.

Parse Status

Make sure to bookmark or look for the Status link at the bottom of your Parse dashboard. Our new status feed will present a single stream of Parse platform status updates. Whether it's an incident that affects Cloud Function performance, or an incident where push notifications may be delayed, this will be reflected in the same Platform status feed. Should there be any incidents, we'll be posting periodic updates as we investigate and work towards a resolution.

SMS Updates

Our status updates will also be shared through our new @ParseStatus Twitter account. You may also subscribe to Platform status updates via SMS, email, or RSS by clicking on "Subscribe to Updates" at the top of the status dashboard. And of course, this endpoint will return the Parse platform status in JSON format if you're interested in developing your own alert service. Note that if you were using the previous status feed's API, you might want to migrate to the new endpoint as the older feeds won't see any new updates.

As always, if you experience any issues which are not reflected in our status page, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We hope that today's changes provide greater transparency into Parse's operations and how these incidents may affect your app.