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Open-Sourcing the Parse Command Line Tool

Today, we're pleased to announce that we're open-sourcing the Parse command line tool.

This tool allows you to interact with your Cloud Code from your terminal. It can be used to create new Parse apps, deploy Cloud Code to an existing app, view all releases for an app, and more.

If you're among the many Cloud Code developers who heavily use this tool, you may have noticed that we've recently extended it to support new use cases like creating new Parse apps and listing keys for an existing app.

We plan to continue improving the Command line tool in ways that are useful to our developer community. We're open-sourcing the tool to make it easier for our developer community to contribute and provide feedback as we work on these next features.

See below for how you can easily create a Parse app and deploy to Cloud Code.

Cloud Code Walk Through

To view the code, please visit the parse-cli Github page. We look forward to hearing what you think!