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Parse Adds Support for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft's latest releases aim to create mobile experiences that appeal to the individual rather than the masses.  As a result, there are even more opportunities for developers to build new and exciting apps. Your app needs a backend and Parse has you covered!

Today, we're announcing the availability of our Windows Phone 8 SDK. If you've used our recently-released Windows 8 SDK, it will look familiar to you. It has all of the same great features: Parse objects, files, Cloud Code, user authentication and management, Facebook authentication, role-based access control, and queries. And just as with the Windows 8 SDK, you can use LINQ to access your data:

// Build a query
var query = from post in ParseObject.GetQuery("Post")
            where post["author"] == ParseUser.CurrentUser
            orderby post.CreatedAt descending
            select post;

// Retrieve the results
IEnumerable<ParseObject> postsByUser = await query.FindAsync();

You can quickly and painlessly install the SDK using NuGet in Visual Studio.

We've been working hard to keep adding features to our SDKs, and there's plenty more to come!  Keep your eyes on our blog to see what we do next.

For more information about our Windows Phone 8 SDK, make sure to check out our Windows Guide and Windows Phone 8 Quickstart and connect your Windows Phone 8 app to Parse today!