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Parse Analytics: Same Great Taste, Now Just the Way You Like It

Over the last few months, we've been busy working on ways to let you see a little more closely into the workings of your app and the overall Parse experience. First, we released Push Analytics to provide insight into user interactions around push notifications. A little later, we expanded our realtime offerings to take a closer look at all API Requests passing through Parse.

We're proud to announce the next logical progression in this series of analytics-centric features: Custom Analytics. In addition to being able to slice and dice the details of your use of Parse Data and Parse Push, you can now track arbitrary events with an arbitrary set of dimensions.

Send us your custom event information with a simple line of code:

[PFAnalytics trackEvent:@"SignUp" dimensions:@{ @"gender": @"f", @"source": @"mobile" }];

And then compare the time series of your new events against the Parse data automatically being captured on your behalf — all via the same beautiful interfaces you're accustomed to in the Dashboard. Below, FIND API Requests on the Novel class are being compared against two custom events: SignUp and Hiccup. The right-hand panel allows configuration of graph parameters on the fly, before saving the breakdown as a persistent filter on your data.


Take a look at the relevant guide (iOS/OS X, Android, .NET, JavaScript, Unity, or REST) to get started, and let us know what you think!