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Get Your Apps Ready for iOS 6 and the New iPhone 5


The new iPhone 5 will be available on Friday, and soon millions of users will be running iOS 6. To get your Parse-powered apps ready for iOS 6, download Xcode 4.5 and update your apps with the latest version of the Parse iOS SDK.

If you are using our pre-built UI controls, they will automatically expand to use the additional screen real estate. You might want to launch the iPhone 5 Simulator and check the rest of your app's screens for Retina 4" compatibility.

With Anypic, our photo-sharing app powered by Parse, we added support for the new Retina 4" screen by including a 1,136px by 640px launch image called Default-568h@2x.png. We also included a taller background in our PFLoginViewController subclass. That's it! The rest of the app is built with PFQueryTableViewController and didn't require any modification. I personally can't wait to use Anypic on my iPhone 5 on Friday!