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Parse launches JavaScript SDK: Parse for Websites

There was a time when building a cutting edge web app meant wasting hours setting up a Linux server, days installing MySQL and Ruby or PHP, and months slaving away writing backend server code. Web development was nasty, brutish, and long. It sucked. But that was the past. Parse is the future. And it’s here today.

We are proud to introduce the Parse JavaScript SDK.

With Parse, you can build a sophisticated web app with just HTML and JavaScript. Just focus on creating the experience you want for your users, and let us take care of the rest. The Parse JavaScript SDK is based on Backbone, which provides a proven model-view-controller framework for you to build your app upon. Parse takes care of the backend storage for persisting your data, user management, and gives you a sophisticated query system. Getting started with Parse is easy. You can save an object to the cloud in just a few simple lines:

// Create a new Parse object
var Post = Parse.Object.extend("Post");
var post = new Post();
post.set("title", "Hello World");

// Save it to Parse;

For more information, check out our JavaScript Guide and Quick Start Guide. We have provided a blank sample app to get you started. If you already have an app, you can convert it to using Parse in just a few minutes. Check out the canonical Backbone todo app (and demo) that we converted to Parse.

With Parse’s proven track record as a leader in backend security, you can rest easy, knowing we will keep your data safe and secure. The Parse JavaScript SDK introduces several security enhancements not previously available in a JS backend service, such as per-object Access Control Lists (ACLs), Role-based ACLs, and more.

Now visit our Quick Start Guide guide and be Parsing in minutes.