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Parse Partners with Twilio and Mailgun for the Release of Cloud Modules

The launch of Cloud Code was very well received and we've been hard at work improving the product every day. We recently released two highly anticipated Cloud Code features, external http requests and modules, which are great for integrating with third party services and libraries. Even so, we weren't satisfied and wanted it to make it even easier for developers to integrate with their favorite services. Two very common requests were the ability to send SMS and the ability to send email.

To that end, today we are proud to announce partnerships with Twilio and Mailgun to bring Parse users the first of many Cloud Modules.

The Twilio Cloud Module allows you to send SMS from your Parse-powered app with just one line of code. We partnered with Twilio because they've led the way in simplifying the telecom world for developers much like we're doing here at Parse with the world of mobile development. With their massive developer following and easy to use API, Twilio was a natural fit for one of our first Cloud Modules. Here's how you would send an SMS using the Twilio Cloud Module:

var twilio = require("twilio");
twilio.initialize("twilioAccountSid", "twilioAuthToken");

Parse.Cloud.define("myTwilioFunction", function(request, response) {
    From: "+14151231234",
    To: "+14151234321",
    Body: "Hello from Cloud Code!"
  }, {
    success: function(httpResponse) { response.success("SMS sent!"); },
    error:   function(httpResponse) { response.error("Uh oh, something went wrong"); }

The Mailgun Cloud Module allows Parse-powered applications to easily send email. Mailgun empowers developers to seamlessly deliver, track, and receive email with their powerful APIs and is a great fit for applications powered by Parse. Here's how you'd send an email using Mailgun:

var mailgun = require("mailgun");
mailgun.initialize("myDomainName", "myAPIKey");

Parse.Cloud.define("myMailgunFunction", function(request, response) {
    to: "",
    from: "",
    subject: "Hello from Cloud Code!",
    text: "Using Parse and Mailgun is great!"
  }, {
    success: function(httpResponse) { response.success("Email sent!"); },
    error: function(httpResponse) { response.error("Uh oh, something went wrong"); }

In addition to the Twilio and Mailgun Cloud Modules, today we're also releasing a module for UnderscoreJS. Check out the details at the Cloud Modules Guide.

If you'd like to see us build a module for your favorite service, let us know via the feedback form below. You can also create your own modules by following our new tutorial.

We're proud to partner with Twilio and Mailgun to pave the way for even more powerful applications built on top of Parse. We can't wait to see what you build!

If you have any questions or if you have a cool module or app you'd like to share with us, please get in touch via Parse Help.