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Parse Pricing: Now Cheaper and Simpler!

I'm really excited to announce a major update to our pricing model that we've been working on for some time.

The old model dates back to late 2011 when we first opened up our beta to the world. The overwhelming majority of feedback we got was, “Parse is great but how much is it actually going to cost?” So, we scrambled to put something together quickly, fully expecting to change it before coming out of beta. It turns out that developers loved it and we stuck with it.

We've grown an incredible amount over these past three years and it came time to revisit our pricing. We set out to improve it in three ways:

  • Make it easier for developers to predict and estimate their costs when using Parse.
  • Make our product more self-serve for developers who grow very quickly on our platform.
  • Offer more for free!

Moving forward, there won't be different 'tiers' of Parse. There's only one type of Parse account and you can have an unlimited number of apps or games within it. For each of those apps, you get the following:

  • Parse Core
    • 30 api requests per second (+ $100 per additional 10 reqs/sec)
    • 20GB of file storage (+ $0.03 per GB over)
    • 20GB of database storage
    • 2TB of file transfer (+ $0.10 per GB over)
  • Parse Push
    • 1 million unique recipients/month (+$0.05 per 1,000 unique recipients over)
    • Advanced push targeting, push scheduling, and multiple push certificates available to everyone for free!
  • Parse Analytics
    • Completely free! (including advanced analytics)

New customers will begin using this model today. If you're an existing customer, you have six months to opt-in. We expect folks to move over quickly as we're confident that this is a better model for everyone. At 30 requests/sec, an app can send us 77.76 million API requests in a month before needing to pay a dime. That's over 70X what we offered before!

Thanks for trusting us with your apps. We appreciate your business and are working hard to make sure that Parse is the best way to build great apps across all platforms.

Check out the new pricing page and FAQ for all the details.