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Parse Push Available on Windows 8 and .NET

Push Notifications are a core component of Parse's strategy to enable developers to create rich and engaging apps easily and without the need to manage servers. Push Notifications can help increase user engagement by drawing users back into an app when fresh content is available. We are excited to release a series of features which provide push support for our Windows SDKs.

Send Pushes From the Windows SDKs
Today we are releasing the ParsePush class for all Windows SDKs. This class should feel familiar to users of our other SDKs, but thanks to the beautify of C#, it is our most intuitive push library yet. To send a push to everyone, simply say:

await ParsePush.SendAlertAsync("Hello, Windows!");
The ParsePush API is easy to use with both pushes to channels and Advanced Push Targeting:

var push = new ParsePush();
push.Alert = "Hello, Windows 8 users!";
push.Query = from installation in ParseInstallation.Query
             where installation.DeviceType == "winrt"
             select installation;
await push.SendAsync();

Send Toast Notifications on Windows 8
All Windows SDKs can send notifications to iOS and Android devices. In addition, all SDKs can now send Toast Notifications to Windows 8 users. Toast Notifications are those which feel most like traditional "notifications" to users familiar with modern mobile operating systems. They present a simple dialog in the upper-right corner of the screen which eventually fades. You can send push notifications from the SDK or try out the newly upgraded Push Console:


Subscribing for pushes in a channel is easy:

await ParsePush.SubscribeAsync("ParseAnnouncements");

and the ParseInstallation class allows developers to save rich annotations with which they can target Push Notifications. The .NET ParseInstallation class also includes standard metrics users of our other SDKs may be familiar with: apiVersion, appVersion, appName, and timeZone. You will be able to schedule pushes according to the end-user's local time or target users based on their installed app versions with no extra configuration!

Analytics on all Windows SDKs
The Parse Analytics library is now available for all of our Windows SDKs as well. In your app-opened event handler, you can add the following code:


In addition, Windows 8 developers can pass the launchArgs parameter passed to their OnLaunch to track direct opens from Toast Notifications. This plugs into our existing Analytics infrastructure and can help you understand the impact of your pushes.

We hope you enjoy these changes. Be sure to check out our push guide if you have any questions.