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Performance and Security Improvements

One of our goals is that the Parse infrastructure should work more efficiently and reliably than when every app developer builds their own. One example is the networking layer of your application. It's easy to assume that every HTTP request works alike, but there are actually many details around edge conditions on mobile networks, request pipelining, and error handling that can be tweaked for better performance. If you use Parse, we do this tuning for you.

Along these lines, today we're releasing version 0.4 of the Parse SDK for iOS and Android which has several networking and security improvements. You should be able to drop in the new version of the Parse library and have your existing code run faster, so we encourage everyone to upgrade.

Also in this release, we have extended the client SDKs to provide access control lists, or ACLs, which make it easier to build secure applications. In conjunction with PFUser or ParseUser, you can use ACLs to secure objects so that access is restricted to a specific set of users. Read more about it at the iOS ACL documentation or the Android ACL documentation.

We're always eager to get feedback from developers who are interested in Parse. If there are things we should be doing that we should know about, let us know!.

Thanks for using Parse!