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Target, Schedule, and Preview Notifications in the Parse Push Console

Reaching the right users at the right time is crucial for a push notification to be effective. Our recent advanced targeting and push scheduling features delivered that ability to REST API users, and since then we've been hard at work adding those features to our web-based push interface. While we were at it, we added some great improvements like the ability to schedule pushes in a user's local timezone and an estimate of your push's reach before you even hit send. Today we're thrilled to release this beautiful new frontend, where developers and marketers alike have control over the delivery of new notifications and insight into the impact of completed notifications.

The heart of the Parse push interface is the compose mode. The default action is to send to all available devices, but you can also choose to segment according to any of the fields that your app has set in the Installation class. The recipients counter will update as you add and change the constraints for your notification. For instance, in our example live music app AnyShow, you can notify users according to the age, location, and favorite bands that were registered in the app.

Segmenting lets you target a push and estimate its reach

You can then specify a notification message and a scheduled time for the push.  Our preview window lets you scroll through what the notification will look like in different contexts on both iOS and Android. By default the push will be sent immediately, but you can also schedule it for any time in the next two weeks. If you use the local time checkbox, Parse will try to send the push in the device's local time. You can read the iOS and Android push docs for more information about how the Parse SDKs automatically set the timeZone field when you save an Installation object.

Visualize the impact your notification will have on devices

There's much more to the new push console, so we encourage you to try it for yourself and let us know if you have any comments. In the meantime, we've enlisted Matt to create another great screencast to get you started with the new look of Parse Push: