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TOMS uses Parse to Power Their Official Mobile App

When the team here at Parse heard TOMS was building a brand new mobile app, we were all excited. When we heard that Parse would be powering the official TOMS app, we could hardly contain ourselves. TOMS is much more than a shoe and apparel company. TOMS is a charitable movement that goes above and beyond to make the world better for those in need and for every pair of shoes purchased, they donate a pair to a child in need. The TOMS giving nature doesn’t stop there; for every pair of TOMS sunglasses sold, a person in need receives eye-care, prescription glasses, or vision-saving surgery. TOMS is always looking for more ways to improve the lives of others and most recently, for all purchases made this week, they will donate $10 for every pair of sunglasses and $5 for every pair of shoes to families directly affected by Hurricane Sandy.

To further spread the word about the TOMS movement and keep their bustling community informed, TOMS approached software development agency, Monsoon Company, to build a beautiful and powerful mobile app. The app is full of great features that everyone here at Parse has had a lot of fun test-driving. You can shop, upload photos of yourself in your favorite TOMS gear, keep up to date with the TOMS One for One movement, and so much more. One of the most fun features is the ability to try on sunglasses in real time through your phone’s camera before purchasing, without ever having to leave the comfort of your office or home.

We chatted with Monsoon Company CTO, Andrew HunzekerHesed, to get a better understanding of how Parse helped in the development of the impressive features in the official TOMS app. Andrew says, “Parse allowed us to focus development time where it mattered - on a beautiful and feature-rich user experience.” We also learned that the TOMS app uses Parse for push notifications to keep the TOMS community engaged and informed and for all user login, Facebook integration for social sharing, and data storage for all of the app including photos, and more. When we asked Andrew about what he loves most about Parse, he answered, “It frees us up to focus on creating the best app for our clients as opposed to the nuts and bolts of backend development.”

Beyond the need for a beautiful customer facing application, TOMS employees needed to be able to create, schedule, and send push notifications to users of the TOMS app without having to consult with an engineering team. Andrew and team were able to create an elegant interface so that anyone on the TOMS marketing team could easily manage their Parse-powered push notifications and keep everyone in the TOMS Tribe up to date with the latest news and initiatives.

The TOMS app is beautiful and packed full of amazing features. We at Parse are proud to have simplified backend development so that the TOMS community could have a mobile app that helped power an already thriving movement.

Download the official TOMS app on the iTunes store here and join the One for One movement to help people in need.