Mengyan Wang

Parse Server Goes Realtime with Live Queries

One of the key concepts behind Parse is the Query, which lets you tell the server which objects you need. The Query is based on a "pull" model. Every time you want to get new data, you run another query. For some applications, like realtime games or messaging systems, it's more convenient if you can...

Parse Server Push Notifications

Parse Server, the open source Parse backend, now supports sending iOS and Android push notifications. We've been listening closely to your feedback, and push was definitely one of the most requested features. After setup, you'll be able to send transactional push notifications based on the properties in the Installation class, just like with the

Parse Debugging Tools: Identify Client-Side Issues Faster

In order to build amazing apps you sometimes need to quickly debug issues. We recently launched the Parse Explorer tool to help with this process; it allows you to better investigate issues with your app’s API requests. However, even before diving into your API requests, you need to identify whether issues may be occurring on...