Introducing Anywall Android

AnywallWe’re excited to announce the latest Android SDK sample in our arsenal: Anywall. This is a fun, social geolocation app that was previously only available on iOS. It has now been released for Android and is available for download on Google Play.

The accompanying Anywall tutorial walks you through the key Parse features used in the app. You’ll learn how to use ParseUser for user management, ParseObject and ParseGeoPoint to store Anywall content, and ParseQueryAdapter to display the content in a list view. We also walk through how the Google Play services Maps API is integrated into Anywall to provide the user’s location as well as display the content in a map.

We hope you enjoy playing with Anywall and that the tutorial helps you build awesome location-aware Android apps using Parse.

Christine Abernathy
December 12, 2013

Parse Developer Day Apps, Now Open-Sourced

As you may have heard, Parse Developer Day happened a few weeks ago — and it was great! Part of what made it great were the Android and iOS apps (blog post, App Store, Play Store) providing up-to-date speaker and talk information.

Of course, building these apps on Parse was a snap. Each app was built with just one engineer working on it part time for a few days. With the actual data stored on Parse, it was super easy to share the data between the iOS and Android apps without any extra tedious data entry. In particular, Courtney’s post last week touched upon how easy Parse and our Data Browser made it to update conference information on the fly, even while the conference was in session!

Today, we are releasing the source code for these apps, as promised. You can find it all on GitHub. They serve as good general sample apps for how to build on Parse. And we also hope others find them useful as a starting point for their own conference apps. We can’t wait to see what you do with them!

Christine Yen
October 1, 2013

New Samples for Android Developers

Many of you have asked for more sample projects and tutorials for our Android SDK. We’ve heard you, and today we’re excited to share three new sample apps for Parse and Android:

  • MealSpotting: This app lets users take a photo of a meal they’re eating, give it a title and a rating, and upload it to Parse. The tutorial covers how to save an image to Parse in a ParseFile and use it later in UI elements like the ParseImageView or ParseQueryAdapter. It features examples of custom subclasses of ParseObject and ParseQueryAdapter, including a custom layout for a ParseQueryAdapter.
  • One-to-Many Relationships: We’ve added an Android version of our One-to-Many Relationships tutorial, which uses a simple blogging app example to demonstrate creating and querying one-to-many relationships.
  • Integrating Facebook: For those of you writing social apps, we’ve released a Facebook tutorial that covers logging users in through Facebook and making requests to Facebook’s API. The tutorial shows you how to link a ParseUser to their Facebook identity, manage a user’s session, and make API calls.

We hope you’ll find these new tutorials useful as you use Parse to build awesome new Android apps. Try out the tutorials and let us know what you think- we’re listening!

Bear Douglas
August 28, 2013

AnyYolk: A Parse-Powered HTML5 Game

It’s been truly amazing to see the tremendous breadth of apps that have been built on Parse. These talented developers have used our platform for everything from utility apps, to social networks, to games. But creating great apps is not without its trials. It requires weeks of research, hard work, and constant learning. At Parse we strive to make this process as easy as possible, not only with our powerful platform but also with in-depth sample apps and tutorials.

Today we are releasing AnyYolk, the newest member of our sample app family. AnyYolk is a web based game built using cutting edge HTML5 technologies. It’s built on top of Backbone.js, the same framework behind the Parse JavaScript SDK, does all of its animations using CSS3, and has a Parse powered backend to manage highscores.

We’ll keep updating AnyYolk with a bunch of cool gaming related features, so keep an eye out for future updates! You can find the source code on GitHub and play with a live version of the game at (or right below).

We hosted a live tutorial on how to build AnyYolk using Parse, Backbone.js, and HTML5, which you can find the full re-cap for here.

Mattieu Gamache-Asselin
April 25, 2013

Webcast Recap: Using Email to Send Push Notifications with Parse & Mailgun

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s webcast, “Using Email to Send Push Notifications with Parse and Mailgun” with Parse CEO, Ilya Sukhar, and Mailgun Solutions Architect, Travis Swientek. For anyone that would like a second look, or just in case you missed it, the full video is below.

The webcast gave a step-by-step introduction on how to use email to send push notifications using Parse and Mailgun. Ilya gave everyone an overview of Parse and some interesting business cases for using email to trigger push notifications, while Travis led a deep-dive discussion covering the following topics:

  • Parse Object Storage
  • Parse Cloud Code
  • Parse iOS SDK
  • Mailgun Cloud Code Module
  • Mailgun Routes

The sample code Travis reviewed can be found on GitHub. We’ve also posted the slides on SlideShare.

Watch the video below.

Ashley Smith
January 31, 2013

Anypic: A Photo Sharing App With Tutorial

Yesterday we unveiled the Parse App Gallery showcasing apps built on top of Parse. Today, we’re adding one of our own apps to the list. Anypic is a photo sharing app for iOS and the web built entirely using Parse.

Anypic includes functionality such as logging in with Facebook, sending push notifications, storing photos using Parse’s file storage, executing relational queries, and securing objects with ACLs. You can download Anypic from the App Store and start sharing pictures with your friends today!

We’ve shared the source code for Anypic and published a tutorial that shows you how to build it from scratch, joining Anywall in our list of sample apps. You can build your own version of Anypic by following the directions to create an app and add your keys to the Xcode project.

We hope that Anypic serves as a base for your own photo sharing apps, and that it inspires you to build many great apps on top of Parse.

Héctor Ramos
July 26, 2012

AnyWall: An Example Geolocation App with Tutorial

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the release of AnyWall, an iOS geolocation game that is built entirely on Parse. It’s a published app that you can download from the app store and immediately play with. Best of all, we’ve shared the source and included a comprehensive tutorial that shows you how to build AnyWall from scratch.

Getting started with your own copy of AnyWall on your Parse account is easy. Just follow the directions to create an app and add your keys to the Xcode project and you’ll be up and running in no time. Fork it, tweak it, and make it your own. We’re excited to see what AnyWall inspires you to build.

At Parse, we’re big believers in learning through doing. Often, the best way to get up to speed with a new language or platform is simply diving into existing code, understanding how it works, and then making your own changes. This is why in addition to our guides and API references, we also publish a selection of tutorials to bolster your knowledge.

And, this is just the start. We’ll be publishing more tutorials and sample applications. The mobile development world is still young, and we love to give back to the community with helpful resources that not only show you how to use Parse, but how to employ best practices in mobile app development.

James Yu
April 26, 2012