Parse Developer Day Video Series: A New Kind of Checkout (Stripe)

This is a guest post from Christian Anderson, Software Engineer at Stripe.

Users abandon purchases for many reasons: poor design of the checkout form, the hassle of having to punch in their card details, or even just the fact that they’re confronted with an unfamiliar checkout experience. With Stripe Checkout, Stripe tackles these problems so you can focus on your core business.

This video from Parse Developer Day shows viewers how to use Checkout and Parse’s Stripe integration to craft a great purchasing experience for your users, including a demo of the powerful Checkout feature.

Courtney Witmer
February 12, 2014

Parse Developer Day Video Series: Monetize Your Windows Apps

The following is a guest post from Sanjeev Dwivedi, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft.

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 offer a fast growing platform for developers to build apps and start monetizing. Apps you build can be made available to all types of devices, from phones to tablets and Windows 8 PCs, giving you a wide reach of users, from casual to enterprise environment. The opportunity is even larger if you publish your apps to the more than 190 markets where Windows and Windows Phone Stores are available. The Stores also support the largest options of payment instruments, to help more consumers purchase your apps or in-app purchase: we support credit card, debit card, PayPal, mobile operator billing, Alipay (China) and others depending on the market. No other store enables you to publish to all three screens, and is available in so many different markets, with as many payment instruments.

On the technical side, Windows and Windows Phone offer developers a choice on whatever technology they know and are familiar with to develop apps. On both Windows 8 and Windows Phone, you can use C++ or C# to develop your applications, and Windows also offers HTML5/JavaScript – each of these languages have full access to all of the API. So, you can develop apps using technologies that you are familiar with and love.

If you want to learn more about the Windows and Windows Phone opportunity, tune in to the video, below.

Courtney Witmer
February 5, 2014

Parse Developer Day Video Series: iOS and Android Apps with Xamarin & C#

The following is a guest post from Craig Dunn, Developer Evangelist at Xamarin.

Parse provides amazing back-end services for your mobile apps – and with Xamarin you can quickly and easily build those apps for all the important mobile platforms using C# and sharing lots of code.

This talk shows how easy it is to take a cross platform (iOS and Android) app written with Xamarin and implement Parse Data to take advantage of remote storage and sharing data between devices. Parse and Xamarin support the latest C# features like async-await so your code can be short and sweet.

Tune in to this Parse Developer Day video to see how easily Xamarin apps can integrate with Parse, bringing advanced functionality quickly and easily to iOS and Android with C#.

Courtney Witmer
January 29, 2014

Parse Developer Day Video Series – Email: Driving Repeat Usage for Your App

This is a guest post from Nick Quinlan, Developer Evangelist at SendGrid.

Once you’ve built your app, you’re faced with the challenge of getting users to use it. This is even more difficult when you consider that 26% of users never re-open an app.

This talk discusses using email as a way to ensure repeat usage of your app. It looks at different kinds of user engagement emails, examines their strengths and weaknesses, and demonstrates how to send them using Parse Cloud Code.

By adopting the techniques described in this talk and using other engagement techniques, like Push Notifications, and SMS you’ll help ensure users stick with your app after downloading.

Courtney Witmer
January 22, 2014

Parse Developer Day Video Series: Building a Call Center with Parse and Twilio

The introduction of this blog post is a guest post from Twilio Developer Evangelist Kevin Whinnery.

API platforms like Parse and Twilio are changing the way developers build applications. By providing high-level building blocks for tasks like data persistence, user management, messaging, and VoIP communication, developers can rapidly assemble new software solutions when an opportunity arises. With these capabilities in hand, developers can focus on building unique value for their users in surprising ways. They can use software to solve problems that were previously out of their reach.

One problem space that is now open to software people is the call center, a key business component that at one time was a black box of arcane telecom technologies. In this video, we’ll see how you can use Twilio and Parse to quickly build a custom call center application entirely in the cloud. Using the Twilio Cloud Code module and Parse platform, you can create VoIP apps in the browser for support agents, accept and route inbound calls, and send text messages all with a few lines of JavaScript code.

This is just one example of the new breed of applications that are now easily created by software people. We can’t wait to see what yours looks like.

Courtney Witmer
January 15, 2014

Parse Developer Day Video Series: Relationships in Parse

Unlike many human relationships, relationships in Parse aren’t complicated. In this talk from Parse Developer Day, Parse Developer Advocate Prashant Sridharan breaks down object relationships in Parse.

Objects can have relationships with other objects. Whether they are one-to-one, one-to-many, or even many-to-many, there are a number of really easy ways to implement these relationships. This video takes a look at the different scenarios for which you will want to create relationships, shows you how to implement each of them in Parse, and then discusses some of the circumstances for when you would want to choose one over the other, and the tradeoffs in doing so.

Courtney Witmer
January 8, 2014

Parse Developer Day Video Series: Advanced Cloud Code

Getting started with Cloud Code is easy, but writing optimal Cloud Code takes practice. You may not even be aware of all the powerful features that are available.

This talk takes a deep dive into some of the advanced features you can use to get the most out of Cloud Code. You’ll learn how to host your website on Parse, starting from static files and building up to fully dynamic server-side web apps. We’ll cover the entire structure of a Parse-powered Express app. Examples of Jade and EJS templates will demonstrate how to build dynamic views. See how Express middleware modules can give you more control over exactly how your website requests are processed, and take a look at how you can use Express routing to organize your app.

We’ll also dig into some new Cloud Modules that Parse has released. The Parse User Session Module makes it super easy to let users log in to your website, while the Parse Image Cloud Module lets you crop or scale images in Cloud Code, whether from a beforeSave handler or from a custom HTTP endpoint.

So if you want to get the most out of Cloud Code, or just want to learn more about how Express web apps work, tune in to our latest Parse Developer Day video.

Bryan Klimt
December 18, 2013

Introducing Anywall Android

AnywallWe’re excited to announce the latest Android SDK sample in our arsenal: Anywall. This is a fun, social geolocation app that was previously only available on iOS. It has now been released for Android and is available for download on Google Play.

The accompanying Anywall tutorial walks you through the key Parse features used in the app. You’ll learn how to use ParseUser for user management, ParseObject and ParseGeoPoint to store Anywall content, and ParseQueryAdapter to display the content in a list view. We also walk through how the Google Play services Maps API is integrated into Anywall to provide the user’s location as well as display the content in a map.

We hope you enjoy playing with Anywall and that the tutorial helps you build awesome location-aware Android apps using Parse.

Christine Abernathy
December 12, 2013

Parse Developer Day Video Series: Gaming Features and the Parse JS SDK

The Parse JavaScript SDK is one of our favorite tools. It’s a powerful addition to any web or mobile web app, but it’s also the brains behind Cloud Code.

In this talk, we’ll dive head first into the Parse JavaScript SDK and see how we can leverage its Backbone heritage when building an app. Backbone is a JavaScript MVC framework that helps give structure and sanity to your code. We’ll then look at the other side of the coin, and learn about the JavaScript SDK on the server with Cloud Code. We’ll see how we can create sophisticated gaming features like asynchronous game matching and high scores, and discuss the edge cases we need to think about when designing server side features on Parse.

If you’re interested in writing for the web, adding gaming features to an app, or are just looking to expand your knowledge of Cloud Code, check out the video below. You’ll learn things across the stack and discover neat tricks for dealing with common server side issues.

Mattieu Gamache-Asselin
December 11, 2013

Parse Developer Day Video Series: Getting (and Keeping) New Users

Building awesome apps is quicker and easier with Parse— but creating an amazing product is only part of the battle when it comes to creating a successful business. User acquisition in a crowded app marketplace is difficult. How do you get noticed? And once someone has downloaded your app, how do you make sure they become active users?

This talk covers lessons we and our partners have learned about creating effective mobile ads and adding social integration that feels natural in your app and keeps people coming back.

There’s no one formula for success, but we hope that some of the tips we’ve learned from working with hundreds of startups can help you as you build (and retain) a customer base.

Bear Douglas
December 4, 2013