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Parse Developer Day Video Series: Keynote and Developer Show and Tell

Parse has come a long way since our YC days in 2011. Parse Developer Day is just one example of this; the event we had on September 5th was a far cry from the early days of pizza, beer, and a Parse banner zip-tied to a water line. One thing that hasn't changed from those early days, however, is the incredible Parse community, which has only grown with time. We were excited to see over 600 developers from more than 15 countries at the event, and we hope to see even more of our developers at the conference next year.

This first video in this series covers my Keynote from the event. In it, I talk about the beginnings of Parse, from being inspired after working with backends while building my own app in early 2011, through the stages of Parse's growth, all the way to the announcement of the 5 newest products being added to the Parse platform.

We're also excited to share the video from what turned out to be my favorite part of the day, the Developer Show and Tell. It was incredible to see the variety and scope of the apps being built on Parse, from philanthropic apps like AidSync, to 4Snaps, an app built by a high school student that has made it to the top of the iTunes charts. I hope that you find their stories as interesting and inspiring as I do.

Parse Developer Day Keynote:

Parse Developer Day Developer Show and Tell: