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The Punniest Parser

Hi there! I’m Courtney, Parse’s Office Manager. I can’t talk to you about Pushes, Pulls, APIs or any of the exciting stuff that you usually read about here on Parse’s blog. But what I CAN do is give you a little more insight into the amazing people I get to work with every day.

There’s just something about the Parse team. They’re full of fun. They like to pun. They once did our morning stand-up meeting entirely in Haiku. When someone does something awesome, we do a dance or write him or her a song.

I won’t lie, as the only non-technical person in the office when I started, it’s not what I expected when I came to work in the tech industry. I thought it would be all coding, all the time.

But this team knows how to have fun and still crank out an amazing product, so with Halloween approaching, I knew I needed to come up with a way to celebrate that would incorporate the unique wonderfulness that is Parse. And so I introduce to you…

Parse’s (first annual?!) Punniest Parse Costume Competition!

We had Puck from Glee, a “.rar file,” a “law-suit,” an Apple Genius, a “dirty PFChild,” a "server," a resque GOB, an Easter Island statue, and a pull request.

Happy Halloween from the Parse Team!