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Parse Migration Guides, Discounts, and Events

Since announcing the sunsetting of the hosted Parse backend and open sourcing Parse Server our community has been extremely active.

Listed below are a guides, discounts, and events to help you migrate your app.

We highly suggest migrating your database by 4/28/2016. Also, be sure to star the Parse Server Github repo to receive updates when we release new functionality.

Database Migration Guides

MongoLab — Migrating from Parse
Object Rocket — Move Your Parse Data to Object Rocket
MongoDB — Migrate from Parse to MongoDB Cloud Manager and AWS

Parse Server Migration Guides

AWS — How to set up Parse Server on AWS using AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS by @hassy — Deploying Parse Server on AWS
Heroku — Deploy using the Heroku Button and Deploying a Parse Server to Heroku
Digital Ocean — Run Parse Server on Ubuntu 14.04
Google App Engine — Deploying Parse Server to Google App Engine
Google Cloud Platform — Run Parse Server on Google Cloud Platform
Bitnami — Parse Server AWS EC2 image provided by Bitnami
Microsoft Azure — Migration Guide
Appcelerator Arrow — Migrating Your Backend to Appcelerate Arrow
Docker — A docker image for running parse-server quickly (French)
Kontena — How to Install and Run Private Parse Server in Production
Pivotal Web Services — Hosting Parse Server on Pivotal Web Services

Running Parse Server locally by @flovimart — Run Parse Server locally

Database + Application Migration Guides

Heroku + MongoLab — Deploying to Heroku and MongoLab
IBM — IBM Bluemix + Compose

Parse Push Migration

Parse Server Push — Parse Server Push Notifications
Urban Airship — Parse Migration
OneSignal - Migration from Parse

Database Migration Discounts

Two database providers are offering discounts to Parse developers that move their databases within the next 30 days.

MongoLab offer details.
ObjectRocket offer details.

Upcoming & Past Events

2/25/2016 — AWS + Parse @ AWS Loft in SF — RSVP

3/1/2016 — AWS + Parse Webinar — RSVP

3/6/2016 — AWS + Parse @ AWS Loft in NY — RSVP