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AnyYolk: A Parse-Powered HTML5 Game

It's been truly amazing to see the tremendous breadth of apps that have been built on Parse. These talented developers have used our platform for everything from utility apps, to social networks, to games. But creating great apps is not without its trials. It requires weeks of research, hard work, and constant learning. At Parse we strive to make this process as easy as possible, not only with our powerful platform but also with in-depth sample apps and tutorials.

Today we are releasing AnyYolk, the newest member of our sample app family. AnyYolk is a web based game built using cutting edge HTML5 technologies. It's built on top of Backbone.js, the same framework behind the Parse JavaScript SDK, does all of its animations using CSS3, and has a Parse powered backend to manage highscores.

We'll keep updating AnyYolk with a bunch of cool gaming related features, so keep an eye out for future updates! You can find the source code on GitHub and play with a live version of the game at (or right below).

We hosted a live tutorial on how to build AnyYolk using Parse, Backbone.js, and HTML5, which you can find the full re-cap for here.