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Build an e-commerce mobile app on Parse and Stripe

Many of our developers want to accept payments in their mobile apps so that they can build experiences like Amazon, Zappos, Lyft, and Uber. Today, we are happy to announce a partnership with Stripe that enables these kinds of apps.

Stripe is an online payment processing platform that is renowned for its simplicity and transparency. Over the last few years, Stripe has gained great popularity and adoption in the web developer community. The integration with Parse allows mobile developers to easily take advantage of Stripe's payment processing platform.

No Server Needed

In the past, to charge a credit card using Stripe, developers needed to set up an independent server to validate each purchase. With Parse, developers no longer need to manage their own servers. Using the Stripe Cloud Module, developers can validate the Stripe tokens on the Parse cloud. The following diagram demonstrates this interaction at work:
parse_stripe_diagram 2

Parse Store

We built a sample app to demonstrate what you can do with the Parse + Stripe integration. Parse Store is an iOS app that lets you buy Parse-branded hoodies, T-shirts, and mugs. This app is also available on the App Store for you to play with. Give it a shot! We'll send you the Parse-branded product of your choice!


We have open-sourced the Parse Store app so that developers can look at the source code to understand how to use Parse with Stripe. Developers who aspire to set up a mobile e-commerce store are also welcome to jumpstart their development using the app.

Let us know what you think; we love to hear your feedback!