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Express Your Brand With Parse

Parse users love our password reset and email verification features, but some customers have asked for better control over these experiences. Perhaps your customers don't speak English, or you have a well defined brand that you want these experiences to adhere to. Or maybe you just don't like your users knowing that you use as your backend. Today we unveil a series of tools to give pro and enterprise customers unparalleled control over their brand with Parse. The following new features are accessible from your app settings page today:

Mail Templates

Password resets and email verifications require us to email links to your users. Last month we unveiled the ability to set the email address we use to send this email. Today we announce the ability to customize the email text too. Email templates use a simple markup language that replaces %username%, %email%, %appname%, and %link% with their appropriate values.

For example, the body:

Thank you for joining %appname%. We're excited to have you onboard. To access our premium features, please verify your email address by clicking this link: %link%.

Would send the following email to your users:

Thank you for joining AnyWall. We're excited to have you onboard. To access our premium features, please verify your email address by clicking on this link: some link

Custom Pages

We've rewritten our password reset and email verification features with a novel approach to the Model-View-Controller design pattern. The Parse server is the "controller" for your app and provides default views. Developers who wish to control the design of these pages can tell Parse to use modified versions of these pages instead. Each view is a simple and clearly written HTML/CSS/JavaScript page. Download any user-facing page and modify it as you wish. Put your modified version online and give us its address to replace that view in your app.

Consider the Password Reset workflow:

  1. A user is mailed a link with which he or she can choose a new
  2. The user clicks the link and is forwarded to choose_password.html to select a new password.
  3. The user submits his or her new password & is informed that the new password has been successfully set by password_reset_success.html
  4. If malicious users attempt to reverse engineer the password reset link, they are sent to invalid_link.html

Each of these three pages can be replaced in the app settings page. You
could add a corporate logo or stylesheets to each page. Parse will use your pages as a replacement for our defaults.

Parse Frame

Password resets and email verification require us to email your users a link to Some of our developers would prefer this link point to their domain instead of ours. The Parse
is an HTML page that will let you host these experiences from your domain.

If you upload the Parse Frame file to your server and give us its link, we can email your customers URLs to this page instead of URLs that point to This feature can be used in conjunction with Custom Pages to control both the look and address of your user experience.

One More Thing...

We are excited about these new features for Pro and Enterprise users. To celebrate, we are offering a free month to all new Pro account upgrades.