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Parse, Android, and the Facebook 3.0 SDK

Logging in with Facebook is a tried and true way to avoid Yet Another Password Fatigue™. No matter what platform you're developing for, Parse makes it easy to link your users with their Facebook identities. If you're an Android developer, your toolbox for connecting to Facebook got a major refresh recently, when Facebook released version 3.0 of their Android SDK.

This new version:

  • Improves session management, streamlining the login process and integration with the native Facebook Android app.
  • Adds drop-in UI components for:
    • Picking Facebook friends.
    • Picking nearby locations.
    • Displaying profile images.
  • Allows batching of requests to Facebook's Graph API and provides strongly-typed Java interfaces for interacting with Facebook Graph objects.
  • Provides tools for monitoring your mobile app install ads.

We have released an update to our Parse Android SDK that integrates with this new version of the Facebook SDK, allowing you to take advantage of all of this new functionality in your apps.

You can learn more about Parse’s Facebook support by visiting our Android API reference page or our Android guide.

If you're upgrading an existing app, please follow our setup instructions again to link your project to the new Facebook SDK and start building great social experiences into your app!