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There's no 'i' in Collaborators

As a child I loved a quote made famous by Sir Isaac Newton: "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." It inspired me because even the greatest minds benefit from collaboration and succumb to the temptation to burn their rivals [1]. Today we introduce new features that help Pro and Enterprise users collaborate with others. Let us explore these features through the eyes of the industrious Bluth Family.

Michael Bluth is a talented app developer and the owner of the wildly popular Banana Stand app. He finds himself increasingly focused on the Bluth Company app, however, and worries that he can no longer maintain Banana Stand by himself. There's always money in the Banana Stand, so Michael decides to hire his son George Michael and niece Maeby to work on the app. In the new collaborators section of his app settings page, Michael gives George Michael and Maeby access to the Banana Stand app by providing the email addresses they used to register a free Parse account.

Add collaborators in
the app settings page

When George Michael and Maeby log into Parse, their dashboards list Banana Stand in addition to the projects they own. George Michael and Maeby have access to everything they will need day-to-day working on the Banana Stand App: they can access the data browser, configure app settings, and send push notifications from the push console. They are only prohibited from burning down deleting the Banana Stand or inviting new collaborators.

The app dashboard shows apps you own and apps you collaborate on

Maeby Fünke, however, is too busy on her projects with Tantamount Studios. Her view of the Banana Stand settings page lets her stop working on the app so she can focus on her priorities.

can stop working on an app from the app settings page

We think these features will make large app management much easier for our Pro and Enterprise customers. If you are a Basic accout holder and would like to try out collaborators, we offer a free 30 day trial of Pro. The members you invite may have free accounts; there are no restrictions on how many apps you may join and all accounting is calculated on the app owner's account.

1. Some people believe that the reference to giants is a subtle stab at the diminutive height of Sir Isaac Newton's chief rival, Gottfried Leibnitz.