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InstaFeed by Appiphany Broadens Your Instagram Options

instafeedSometimes, a great app is about making something people already love even better. That's what today's app story is all about: making the beloved Instagram app even more functional for its users.

We spoke with Daniel Corso of Appiphany to learn more about their newest app, InstaFeed, and how it aims to improve the Instagram experience.


Hi Daniel! Tell us about Appiphany and your role there.
My name is Daniel Corso. Formally, Ranier Gadduang is the CEO and I am the CFO. We have one other member whose title is COO, Fahad Al-Saud. We all consider ourselves co-founders. Appiphany was founded in August 2012 with the goal of developing simple, high value applications in proven markets. The first two applications we have developed are photo-centric and our pipeline consists of apps that will play in the photo space.

And what can you tell us about your new app, InstaFeed?

Essentially it allows one to subscribe to popular Instagram users in categories of interest. Currently, we have 6 major categories: Sports, Models, Fashion, Celebrities, Food, and Pets. Within these categories, our team has gone through and vetted the most popular Instagram users. A user can then create a custom feed within these categories by subscribing to the users of their choice. For example, in the Celebrities feed, one could subscribe to Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce and create a custom feed that would display only photos from their official Instagram accounts. This does not affect whom you are following on Instagram. In addition, you can like a photo on Instagram from within the app itself as well as view comments from Instagram users. In the future you will be able to comment on a photo from within InstaFeed, repost a photo to Instagram from within InstaFeed, and create and share custom feeds of your own.

What was the inspiration for InstaFeed?

We recognize Instagram as an amazing way to edit and share photos. However, we felt that we could open the platform by allowing users the ability to explore some of the great content that exists on the network through a new paradigm: subscribing to users in category feeds to create a unique, customized photo experience.

Since using Parse to help develop InstaFeed, what gains have you noticed?

The ability to get our backend up and running quickly, allowing us to focus on key functionality and UX.

How is Parse used in the app?

Parse allows us to run all of our API calls to the Instagram network and provides a framework for us to sort and organize the data returned so we can serve it up to our users.

Do you have any other Parse-backed apps in the works?

We are going to do another photocentric application related to InstaFeed. In addition, one of our clients, Chubbies Shorts, uses Parse for their application per our recommendation.

Are you using any specific Parse features such as Parse Push, Parse Social, Parse Data or Cloud Code?

Parse is providing the backend for our fundamentally social application and we are using Cloud Code to pull and serve content to our application. We use Parse data for some minor caching.

Anything else we should know about Appiphany or InstaFeed?

We are excited to grow and continue to develop with Parse and hope that the service offerings continue to expand and make our job easier.

You can download InstaFeed in the iTunes App Store here.