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Play Monster Mansion for a Frighteningly Good Time

To get in the spirit of Halloween today, we’d like to highlight the spooky and fun Parse-powered app, Monster Mansion. Monster Mansion was created by the team at Oceanside Interactive who are also responsible for MyDinos and several other great apps. In Monster Mansion, players build a hotel populated with classic monsters like bloody-thirsty vampires, ghastly ghouls and wild werewolves. Players can check-in each day to keep their monsters happy, haunt humans, and earn in-game currency that is spent customizing their scary mansion.

We sat down with James Cann and John Miller from Oceanside Interactive and and had a hauntingly great conversation about how Monster Mansion uses Parse to power all of the features of the app.

Where did the idea for Monster Mansion come from?

We wanted to create a flexible building management engine with a context that we thought would be interesting and different with monsters inspired by books, TV, comics, and movies.

How did Parse help to make Monster Mansion possible?

We have significantly reduced the overhead of our database cluster and found using the API greatly accelerated our client-server development effort. We have experienced a reduction in time to implement and debug new features letting us concentrate on game mechanics and content.

Can you tell me more about how you were able to decrease development time?

In a year-long development cycle, we would have spent a solid two months planning and supporting the infrastructure for Monster Mansion's data store. We completely eliminated this effort by using Parse, which let us focus on the game and content.

What kind of growth is Monster Mansion experiencing?

We went from 15,000 to over 1 million API calls this past weekend and expect to see continued linear growth. So far, the Parse platform has performed very well.

What Parse features are used most in the game?

We are using Parse to push notification events for social features, in-game events, and user administration. We have moved all game development to Parse eliminating MySQL and Mongo in-house. We store configuration and user data in the cloud.

As a game development company, what has been the biggest benefit of using Parse?

The potential of scaling our game out to millions of users and continued focus on feature development without the overhead of managing the data infrastructure in-house.

Download Monster Mansion today in the App Store.