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The Gifts HD App Makes Gift Management Easy this Holiday Season

Gifts HD

The holiday shopping season officially starts tomorrow and with the stress of buying gifts for loved ones, the Gifts HD app is here just in time. Jason Jardim created the Parse-powered app after he observed how stressful the holiday gift-giving season was for his wife and family. With the Gifts HD app, you can tap on a person and see all the gifts you have given to him or her over the years, take photos for gift tracking, run reports, generate a shopping list by store, and much more to make gift management much easier for everyone involved. We sat down with Jason to chat about how Parse is used in the Gifts HD app.

Where did the idea for Gifts HD come from?
The idea for Gifts HD came from seeing my wife with her endless sticky notes around the holiday season. The app was built with the look and feel of a sticky note and since the idea came from observing my family, it was natural that they would be the beta testers.

How did Parse help in the creation of Gifts HD?
The challenge I face as an indie developer is time and resources. With Parse, those challenges were gone! Setup with Parse was a breeze, the SDK was easy to understand, and the ability to add other platforms and expand Gifts HD to other devices is in the works. Just the time Parse has saved me is unbelievable. I
didn’t have to setup my own server, I didn’t have to put my DBA hat on anymore, and I was able to jump right into what I love the most - Making my Wife a great app to use, so I could relax and watch the Giants win the World Series!

How much time do you think Parse saved you in development time?
I honestly don’t know how many hours but we all know setting up a server, database, API’s all takes time. Parse has really been great for me. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of storing data in the cloud.

What do you love most about Parse?
The customer service is amazing. Anytime I have a question, you have answered it by email, message board, or Twitter. Also, the unbelievable rate you are releasing new products and features. Every time I turn around you are adding a new feature/service.

Gifts HD was featured in New and Noteworthy in the productivity section of the iTunes app store. Get the app here.