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Webcast Recap: Using Email to Send Push Notifications with Parse & Mailgun

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday's webcast, "Using Email to Send Push Notifications with Parse and Mailgun" with Parse CEO, Ilya Sukhar, and Mailgun Solutions Architect, Travis Swientek. For anyone that would like a second look, or just in case you missed it, the full video is below.

The webcast gave a step-by-step introduction on how to use email to send push notifications using Parse and Mailgun. Ilya gave everyone an overview of Parse and some interesting business cases for using email to trigger push notifications, while Travis led a deep-dive discussion covering the following topics:

  • Parse Object Storage
  • Parse Cloud Code
  • Parse iOS SDK
  • Mailgun Cloud Code Module
  • Mailgun Routes

The sample code Travis reviewed can be found on GitHub. We've also posted the slides on SlideShare.

Watch the video below.
[iframe src=' 000000' width='630' height='354' frameborder='0']