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Workout Hero Makes Crossfit "Easy"

workout_heroCrossfit, and its now-ubiquitous companion, the Paleo Diet, have spread across the world like wildfire over the past several years. With so many devotees to the two, and with each having certain needs and guidelines, it's no surprise that despite their low-tech appearance, apps would spring up to support people following the regimens.

Parse customer StoreBoughtMilk Apps leads the charge with these tools, producing apps that have seen thousands of downloads as well as being embraced not just by the Crossfit community, but also by official Crossfit events. We spoke with Andrew, CEO of the company, about their Parse-backed app, Workout Hero.


Tell us a little bit about your company, Andrew.

StoreBoughtMilk Apps is the producer of over 50 applications with a primary focus in Fitness and Survival. Our company has had 8 top 300 apps in their respective categories and plans on continuing to produce several more apps that will likely gain the same popularity as our current selection. I am the CEO of StoreBoughtMilk Apps.

Can you explain the concept behind Workout Hero for us?

Workout Hero is an advanced functional fitness application that has been in the top 100 of the iTunes Healthcare and Fitness category for over 14 months. The app has over 90,000 downloads and features TIMERS PRO which has been used 2 years in a row by in the official CrossFit Open workout videos. Workout Hero is unique because not only does it educate its users on how to properly conduct functional fitness workouts and save your workout records, it also allows its users to “Link Up” with each other within the app, see their friends saved workouts, and save their friends workouts if it's a workout they might like to do later.

What inspired the development of Workout Hero?

Workout Hero was actually created by the owner of StoreBoughtMilk Apps while he was deployed to Iraq. He was in need of an application allowing him to save and view workouts without the use of internet and wanted to have a timer on his iPad so he could easily see how much time he had left in his workout, even in low light levels. So, Workout Hero was born in a combat zone.

That's amazing! Given that background, what led your team to Parse? 

Word of mouth is a powerful tool! While in the process of developing the new social ATHLETES section of Workout Hero we knew we would need a company that provided affordable server, data storage and simple social integration. So, we began talking to developers and after only a few days of looking, we caught wind of Parse and never looked back.

It's great to hear that happy developers led you to us. What would you say are the benefits developers such as yourself get from using Parse?

Parse has made development so much easier! With Parse, no backend needed to be created and SDK integration was a breeze. Now the sky is the limit in regards to adding new features to the app. Social Integration was also incredibly easy to integrate and has made logging into Workout Hero as easy as clicking 1 button.

Which Parse features are used in the app currently?

Social integration and backend services. Push notifications coming soon!

It sounds like your app has been pretty successful; can you share how many times Workout Hero has been downloaded?

We are close to 100,000!

Congratulations! Do you have any plans to use Parse in the future?

We have 2 applications in development right now that will include Parse, both of which will use almost all of the offered features.

One of our biggest goals is to decrease development time for our customers. Do you feel that using Parse has cut down your development time at all?

Parse has not only decreased development time but it has also saved us a ton of money since we did not have to develop our own backend services. Saving time and money nearly doubled the speed at which we could develop the app. Our newest version of the app was out almost a month early.

That's great to hear! Is there anything else you'd like to share with our potential, and existing, users about why you use Parse? 

The thing we love most about Parse is the customer service. Any time we had a question, we had an answer almost immediately. Not only was the customer service fast, they have also been incredibly helpful, friendly and happy to help. It's great to see a company that has finally got customer service figured out.


You can download Workout Hero in the iTunes Store here, and view StoreBoughtMilk Apps other great offerings here.