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Ask Parse Anything – July Edition Is Here!

Our developer advocates take on your questions covering Parse Push, our iOS SDK and much more!

The Questions

  1. What is the best way to clear dummy data after running end-to-end tests? (0:14)
  2. For the iOS SDK, are subclasses of subclasses of PFObject allowed? (01:00)
  3. What is the best way to use Parse to code common and complex business logic that will be shared among iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps? (01:40)
  4. I love the new Revocable Sessions, but I need to create unrestricted sessions from Cloud Code. How can I do this? (02:41)
  5. Are there plans to extend the time a Cloud Function can run? I am running into the 15 second timeout frequently. (03:58)
  6. What happens when one request modifies and saves one document property while a concurrent request modifies a different property on the same document? Will both changes be applied to the document? (04:39)
  7. Is it planned to make Android ParseObject Parcelable or is there a way to pass ParseObject across Activities? (05:18)
  8. Recently I saw that parse uses Go. What framework or library does Parse uses for routes? (05:46)
  9. Can you please produce a new tutorial on the best way to implement Login With Facebook on a Parse Hosted Express Web app? (With both client and server-side options) (06:13)
  10. I would like to let my users have multiple accounts with the same email address. Why is this not allowed? (06:51)
  11. Is it possible to have two apps share the same Parse app database? I want to send push notifications from one app to the other. (08:04)
  12. Does Parse cloud code support all the core node.js modules? If not, why? (09:19)
  13. We are a television station group who uses Parse to deliver breaking news push notifications. Recently we have been experiencing latency with some pushes, and on your support site we found you do not consider Parse an immediate delivery system. Is there anything we can do to improve delivery times? (10:18)
  14. When Parse will be available for Xcode 7 beta? I can't seem to use it in iOS 9 beta. (11:19)
  15. Do you support exporting into CSV or Excel formats? (11:57)
  16. We want to add some columns to a 400,000 object table. A background job would take too long to add these columns as the value should be calculated based on other columns. (12:53)
  17. Can I specify a custom sound to be played when a device receives a push notification? (14:15)
  18. When can we use Go to write Parse Cloud Code? (14:46)
  19. Why doesn't PFFile support saveEventually? (15:10)
  20. How can I use the local datastore in iOS to first try from the server, and then fall back to the local datastore if there was a connection error? (15:40)
  21. Can I use one core table to register users from 10 different apps? The idea is to share the user table with all the apps, while registering each one of the apps as a unique app for push targeting. (15:59)
  22. I have some old Andoid phones (running SDK v8). What is the oldest Android SDK that Parse will support? (16:27)
  23. It would be great if you offer a field "lastModifiedBy" for every row. The same way you are already offering "createdAt", "updatedAt". (16:43)
  24. Adding collaborators on a project gets very hard. Every time I want to add a collaborator. Can you please make it more simple? (17:07)