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Webcast Re-Cap: Building AnyYolk with the Parse JavaScript SDK

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s webcast, “Building AnyYolk with the Parse JavaScript SDK,” with Mattieu Gamache-Asselin, Software Engineer at Parse.

This webcast explored how to create the game AnyYolk based on the following concepts:

  • How to create web apps with Backbone.js
  • Best practices of Backbone.js
  • How the Parse SDK works with Backbone.js
  • Live example of adding a highscore to a Backbone.js game
  • How you can use Cloud Code to add server-side functionality to your Parse app

For anyone who would like a second look, or just in case you missed it, the full video is below or take a look at the code on GitHub. If you'd just like to see the slides, check them out on SlideShare.

Watch the recording:
[iframe src=' 000000' width='630' height='354' frameborder='0']